Medium Worm Farm

Medium Worm Farm



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The Medium Worm Farm can be used as a single 42 Liter bin with a lid or you can have additional bins stacked vertically once the bottom bin fills up allowing the worms to travel up towards the fresh organic matter you feed them.

The Medium Worm Farm also comes with a reservoir bin with a drainage tap to collect excess liquid called leachate. This liquid is commonly referred to as “worm tea” and should not be mistaken with compost tea. Leachate should be used with caution as it may contain pathogens. It is best practice to collect any liquid from the reservoir bin daily and use it diluted 1:10 only on non crop plants or discard of it. Ideally you do not want any liquid in your reservoir bin and only use it as a “safety net”.

Medium Worm Farm Features:

  • Single 42 liter bin or multiple tier stacked bins with lid
  • Reservoir bin and tap to collect excess leachate (worm tea)
  • Includes 300g free worms
  • Includes 300g free worm food
  • Includes free microbe rich bedding

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Medium Worm Farm – 1 Tier Bin, Medium Worm Farm – 2 Tier Bin, Medium Worm Farm – 3 Tier Bin, Medium Worm Farm – 4 Tier Bin


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