Red Wigglers

Red Wigglers


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*** Please note that we will unfortunately not sell worms until January 2019 ***

Red Wiggler (Eisenia fetida) also called red worm and kariba wurm is a compost worm that is great at turning your kitchen waste into a nutrient rich organic fertiliser. The worms thrive in soil that is rich in organic matter and beneficial micro-organisms.

Worms by Weight :

250g (500 – 1000 worms), 500g (1000 – 2000 worms), 1kg (4000 – 6000 worms)

Delivery Notice:

All orders received on Thursday and Friday will be couriered the following Monday. This is to make sure the worms are not sitting at the couriers over the weekend.

We hand harvest and separate the worms from the bedding prior to being weighed and then package the worms in a breathable cloth bag with enough bedding to ensure you receive healthy live worms.

You will also receive a tracking number when your worms are couriered to you, so that you can prepare for their arrival.

We suggest that you setup your worm bin a week or two before your worms arrive. This allows for the development of microbial life within the bin that will greatly help the worms to settle into their new environment a lot quicker than a bin that was setup the same day.

It is very important not to leave your worms exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for even short periods of time. You must unpack and verify condition of the worms the same day as delivery.

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Worms Weight

125 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, 1 kilogram, 2 kilogram, 3 kilogram


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