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Organic Gardening & Worm Farming

Organic gardening is about keeping it natural and working in harmony with nature. To build and keep good soil structure and fertility. To control pests, diseases and weeds without the use of synthetic pesticides. We provide South African gardeners passionate about organics with the best natural and environmentally safe products to enrich their living soil.

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— Make your own organic compost with worms —

Vermicomposting Benefits

Improves Soil Structure

Vermicompost has excellent structure, porosity and aeration capabilities.

Increased Growth and Yield

Plants that are fertilised with vermicompost significantly outperformed the same crops fertilised with inorganic, synthetic chemicals.

Release Nutrients Gradually

Vermicompost nutrients are released slowly so that the plants receive what they need over a longer period, unlike chemical fertilisers.

High Microbial Life

Higher microbial population than in soil and organic matter, which the worm ingests.

Enriching Soil

Vermicompost enriches soil with micro-organisms and adding enzymes.

Regulates Plant Nutrients

Humic acids enhance nutrient uptake by plants, by increasing the permeability of root cell membrane.

Suppressing Disease

Vermicompost has been known for the suppression of insect pest populations and damage to plants.

Higher Germination Rates

Studies have shown higher germination rates when compared to other commercial fertilizer.

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