Organics Matter is a South Africa based online organic gardening supplier.

Organic gardening is about keeping it natural and working in harmony with nature. To build and keep good soil structure and fertility. To control pests, diseases and weeds without the use of synthetic pesticides. We provide South African gardeners passionate about organics with the best natural and environmentally safe products to enrich their living soil.

Soil Amendments

Soil amendments are organic materials mixed into soil to improve plant growth and health, resulting in enhanced soil structure for better water storage, root development and soil ecosystems. Using soil amendments will increase the organic content of your soil so that the soil is more capable of holding nutrients and moisture.

Growing Mediums

Growing mediums, also known as substrates are soil-less or inert materials that retain moisture and support plant growth. Substrates are blended in with compost and other soil amendments to create a well balanced organic potting soil.

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